Vladimir Weiss

Vladimír Weiss, a Slovak left midfielder, is known for his dribbling, perfect pass and ability to complete attacks. At 2016 European Championship, thanks to these skills he netted a beautiful goal against the Russian national squad. Since February 2014 he has been playing for Qatar Stars League, where he has scored quite a number of beautiful goals after clear runs on goal. Throughout his professional career he has never headed the ball in. The most active interval for goals is 76–90 (18 goals). Vladimír Weiss has never netted doubles or completed hat tricks yet.


Malta - Slovakia 0-1 Vladimir Weiss
Pescara - Bologna 1-0 Vladimir Weiss
Olympiakos - PSG 1-1 Vladimir Weiss
Pescara - Parma 2-0 Vladimir Weiss
Pescara - Parma 2-0 Vladimir Weiss
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